Saturday, September 8

Hunting for Inspiration: Embroidery Edition

Evidently, I like post titles that include colons.

I have embarked on a new hobby: embroidery. Honestly, I've always found the concept intimidating, but so far it's surprisingly simple! Below are some beautiful examples that have been inspiring me as of late...

{1}Pink Pig by ISewpose  {2}Let's Go by MerriweatherCouncil  {3}Wishbones by MerriweatherCouncil  {4}Green Triangles by ISewpose  {5}Treat Yo' Self by OooohStitchy  {6}Circles by AtticusAndCole  {7}Anatomical Heart by HeyPaulStudios  {8}Starburst by HeyPaulStudios  {9}Tree Stump ♥ by Layne81  {10}Sugar Skull by AGreenElephant

Visit the above Etsy shops & spread the love! At this point, I am only hoping to gain a fraction of the skill displayed in the above hoops!
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