Thursday, May 31

Little Chubby Duckling

This, my friends, is an all original crochet pattern I created for a chubby little stuffed duckling. He is for sale on my Etsy site, Shanx Studios, along with the pattern. I am considering posting how-to crochet tips, and maybe even a pattern or two, on my blog. What do we think?

I just love little crochet stuffed animals. They're so lovable and handmade. These little guys are getting more and more popular in the crochet world, it seems. From the strangest creatures you can imagine to traditional critters, "amigurumi" seems to have it all. Personally, I generally prefer the more traditional.

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  1. Okay first of all this little ducky is adorable!! Second, you won a My Politic album from my giveaway! So I thought this might be the easiest way to get a hold of you :) If you'll send me an email with your address I'll get it shipped off! Thanks for participating! emiliebell27 at gmail dot com


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