Friday, November 30

Day 01: Christmas Tree Card DIY

So here's my idea: 25 days of Christmas! Of course, I had this idea a little late in the game, so it may turn into something more like 12 days of Christmas... We'll see, hah. BUT FOR DAY 01: An adorable DIY Christmas tree card to really get you in the Christmas spirit!

This was one of the ideas I had while I was supposed to be writing down other ideas... Actually, I wasn't supposed to be writing ideas either, I was supposed to be going to bed. Oops! Sometimes craftiness gets the best of me...

But here we go: A cute little tree with cork for the trunk, felt for the branches, and brads for the ornaments!

Supplies: A card + envelope (or make your own), some very thin cork (like the kind that comes in a roll!), felt (sticky-back if possible), star-shaped brads, colorful round brads, pretty paper, scissors, and glue. *Not pictured: a needle, preferably a thick tapestry or upholstery needle.

This card is super easy, and could easily be mass-produced for those of you who send out dozens of cards {over-achievers...;)}. 

  1. Cut a strip out of your cork about 2 inches or so shorter than your card {you know I eyeball-ed it}.
  2. Cut your felt into 4 pieces of various lengths {I did ~3", 2.5", 2", & 1.5"}, and one little triangle. 
  3. Glue your cork strip in the center of your card's front. I used tacky glue {because it was closest to me!}, but whatever works.
  4. Peel the back off your sticky-back felt {best invention ever} and stick the strips down from longest at the bottom to shortest at the top, pressing well on either side of the cork strip. 
  5. Poke holes into your felt & through the front of the card where you want your brads to go {both ornaments & the star}. Try to wiggle the needle around a little to make the hole wider... I actually put my star brad through the card-only, just above the felt triangle. 
  6. Carefully {but forcefully} shove the brads through the felt & card. I tried to use these cute glittery brads, but they were too thick & bendy to go through the card cleanly, so I switched to regular shiny-type brads. Close the brads on the underside of the card {you know, like how you use a brad ;)}
  7. Cut your pretty paper to fit the inside of the card {both sides}, and glue it down! Now you can add a personal message, stamp a greeting, or print out something cheery for the inside! 
Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for the rest of the {25} Days series!
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  1. A felt Christmas tree??!! So adorable! This reminds me that I need to get working on my holiday cards too!

    I can't wait to see all of your 'days of Christmas' projects.


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