Tuesday, December 11

Annual Christmas Panic Attack

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I just realized that Christmas is two weeks form today. TWO WEEKS! That's FOURTEEN DAYS. What even. Where has December been running away to? I mean, really...

I "mentally" started Christmas shopping months ago. But realized last night that I have literally only really shopped for one person. AHHH. Oops.

I'm blaming finals. And the fact that all of my course projects are due at the same time! As I type this, I should be typing out the rest of my unit plan and accompanying power points and worksheets... But I'm so unmotivated! Oye Chihuahua... {that's what I say when I'm overwhelmed, obviously ;)}.

Scott and I got a Christmas tree for his house yesterday. Now his place smells amazing! And my sad, unbelievably messy apartment is sorely lacking in Christmas decor. Is there a craft-supply version of Hoarders? Because I could totally be on that. ;)

Now this is where I concede that there aren't enough days left to really execute my 25 Days properly. BUT I still have some good things lined up, promise! Once I get through these final classes... It's all crafts, all the time in my world! :)

Anyone else TOTALLY FREAKING OUT that Christmas is so close?! C'mon, I can't be the only one...
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  1. I'm with you too! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Here Christmas comes and I'm soooo not ready. I've been making gifts like a mad woman. lol! ;)

  2. Yep, I'm freaking out that Christmas is so soon. I actually had a freak out about it at exactly this time last night. And like you, I have only done my shopping for 1 person! Ahh!


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