Wednesday, November 6

Holiday Crafting // Crochet Ornaments

It is officially November, which means Christmas will be here before we know it. Any fellow holiday crafters out there know that means it's time to start making holiday gifts. Or maybe you started months ago, over achievers... I wanted to share some handmade holiday ornaments in my Etsy shop right now! Along with these original ornaments, there are two original patterns available for purchase as well! 

We (my mom and I) started offering custom cat ornaments last year, made to look like your kitties (or however you want)! They are sooo cute; my mom is a crochet genius. I learned everything I know from her. She has been selling these teddy bear ornaments since long before I was born! 

We also love custom order requests, so if you've got an idea, shoot it our way! We've done a custom mouse, a rocking horse, custom colors, team bears, and more. I'm pretty sure my mom likes making new things more than making more of the old.

These two ornament patterns, Santa and the penguin, are available in our shop, so you can make your own! They are admittedly pretty involved patterns, and if you're not used to working with thread it will take some getting used to. But I am confident that you can do it, friends! There are step-by-step photos and we encourage you to email with any questions.

Check out the shop, and share with friends! These ornaments make great gifts, and there's just something about handmade products, am I right? Of course, maybe I'm biased. ;) 

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