Monday, August 20

Door-to-Door Organics: Love at first box

I signed up for Door to Door Organics this week and let me tell you, I am in love. I have read about grocery delivery programs or CSA deliveries in the past, but this was the first time I conducted actual "research" into such programs in my area. The Door to Door Organics program essentially delivers a box of fresh, organic produce to your doorstep. There are different sized boxes available (for different sized families), and you can customize your produce choices! Boxes are delivered weekly or biweekly, and for each delivery you can swap out up to five of the pre-chosen selections. One of my favorite parts is that the website tells you where each item is actually coming from, and has "biographies" for many of their farm sources. It feels good to know where your food comes from. 

 How cute are the graphics on that box? Little sells me more than quality presentation, folks...

 My box had so many goodies packed inside! Plus, the produce comes packed on ice so nothing goes bad while it waits for you to get home! The packing materials are left out on the following delivery day so that everything gets reused. How great is that?

This week's produce: 8 oz. sweet cherries, a locally grown eggplant, an orange, a lime, 2 pears, 2 pluots, 2 yellow peaches, a bunch of broccoli, 3 baby gold potatoes, 2 sweet onions, a head of leaf lettuce.

The site also serves as a sort of grocery store, and I added local fresh-from-the-farm parmesan cheese, locally baked organic bread, and a pack of baby bella mushrooms. YUM!

So far I've used the baby bellas and an onion in a homemade pesto pasta dish, the lettuce in a salad, the peaches in a peaches and cream dessert, and I've also had the bread and parmesan. Everything has been fantastic. The head of lettuce is ENORMOUS. What you can see here is a small fraction, let me tell you.. I love that the base of the lettuce is DIRTY too.. You can tell it's fresh from the ground!

How easy is having good, wholesome groceries delivered right to me? Pretty-frickin'-easy. I mean, if I went to the store I can guarantee that I'd come home with a bunch of junk food I'd regret having bought (for both caloric and monetary reasons!). This simplifies everything, limits impulse buys, and keeps my produce choices interesting! I am officially hooked.
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