Thursday, August 30

Pottery Painting is the New Bar Trivia

A while back, our bar trivia nights got cancelled because the bar couldn't support the fees anymore. We were heartbroken.. Lost.. What will we do on Tuesday nights?!

Then we found pottery. Our salvation!

We started going to Creatopia, a paint-your-own-pottery place in Downtown Plymouth, a few weeks ago. And we're in love. At first we thought the whole shebang was a little pricey -- $16 for a cup plus a $5 studio fee?! But then we realized that we easily spent the same amount at trivia every week, and that was on alcohol rather than, you know, something we'd have for keeps.

So far I've made a cup and a bowl. Apparently I'm going for a set of whimsy dishes? I love them. Scotty has been solely working on a Hulk head cookie jar, which is finally complete, hahaha. Whatta dude choice, am I right?

Hulk's hair lifts off, and when it's missing it looks like Hulk is balding... So Scotty painted the "bald" part green to really hit that look home. 

We're going again tonight {Thursday is ladies night, which means Michele and I get a discounted studio fee!} and I'm planning to take photos of the actual process. 

What do you think? Pottery seems like an even exchange for bar night, right? ;-)
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