Friday, April 26

Art of Patrón: Gold Dipped Bottles

Just over a month ago, I posted about the Art of Patrón contest centered around the creative reuse of Patrón tequila bottles. Examples of previous entries were beautiful, elaborate crafts (chandeliers, goblets, clocks, etc.), but I've been on a really simplistic craft-kick lately. I've been super busy with school (FINALLY DONE, YAYY!) so any quick craft has been my bread and butter. ;) 

I came up with this craft idea while I was sitting in class one day. Honestly, it seemed kind of obvious, but I liked it anyway. I had been wanting to try out Pebeo porcelaine paint for a little while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I love how they turned out... So subtly elegant, right?! 

Stuff you'll need:
Patrón bottles (found mine on eBay), Pebeo porcelaine 150, square tupperware container (larger than your bottles), cookie sheet covered in wax paper

Pour your paint into the tupperware container (I used two jars of paint, but had more than one left over). Carefully dip your bottles in the paint, tipping the tupperware if needed to get the paint higher on each side of the bottle. Let the excess paint drip off into the tupperware for a minute or so, and Place the bottles upside down on the cookie sheet. You need to keep an eye on them, as the paint may drip down the sides. I actually ended up placing the bottles right-side up on top of some old metal tealights to hold them off the cookie sheet, but you do what you feel is best. ;) After 24 hours, place your bottles in a cold oven and bake at 350° for 35 minutes. Then wedge your tapers into the bottles and you've got yourself some stylin' candle holders! 

Did any of you make some upcycled Patrón bottles? If so, be sure to enter the Art of Patrón contest by April 30th! Wouldn't these be gorgeous for a centerpiece or a wedding?

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  1. These look awesome! So much fun. I know you love homemade things... check out the body butter I made yesterday!


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