Friday, April 5

Bang Bang Bang

You know what I think is funny about blogs getting "quiet?" That blogs get "quiet" when life gets crazy. 

My semester is drawing to a close and I'm being slammed with final projects, group presentations, papers, and research. Oye. Just a few weeks left! Then I'm off to Hawaii on what was supposed to be a friend trip, but has turned into a solo trip. I'm trying really hard to think positively about that, focusing on all the warm sun shine I can soak up on the beach, how many blogs I can read, and how good it will feel to just do nothing for a while. I'm staying with a good friend, but he'll be working a lot of the time, and my travel companion bailed. Any suggestions on traveling alone? 

And hey -- I got braids on my head and bangs on my face! As evident in the ENORMOUS photo of me above... I'd been contemplating bangs for a few days and just took the plunge. I rarely get my hair cut, and every time I do, I change it pretty drastically. Normally I grow it reeeeeally long and then cut it all off. The bangs have taken some getting used to, but I like 'em. They'll be around for a bit, I think. I like when old trends get trendy again. Second-grade me would be so hip with my stirrup pants (leggings) and heavy bangs...

In other news, I feel like I'm stuck in a creative dry spell. Of course that may be my negative self-talk too. Oops! But it seems like I'll have a giant whirlwind of ideas, work on those for a few months, and then I've got NOTHIN'! What do you do when you're feeling uninspired? 

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  1. Have you read this blog post by Alex from Northstory? If not, I highly recommend it. She talks about the creative dry spells in a way that not enough people do; and it really resonated with me.

    Your trip to Hawaii sounds exciting! I've never traveled alone, at least not for an extended period of time, but I would guess that having some trips and outings planned would be well as moments to connect with friends and family back home (via skype?), so you can share the details of your day with them. I've been to Hawaii once before and it was absolutely beautiful. Soak up some sun, as well as the extra time to work on projects and catch up on reading!

    Love the hair, too! Looking lovely!

    1. Lauren,
      THANK YOU for that link. I just read Alex's post and all I can say is AMEN, sister. What an inspiring post...

      Hawaii should be a great time! I am definitely excited to soak up the warm sun, especially since we have only just begun to catch glimpses of sunshine here in Michigan. Are there any places in Hawaii you recommend? I'm staying in Honolulu. :)

      Thank you again, for both the link and the sweet comment!!

  2. aww, sorry your friend bailed. that's the pits, but at least you still get to go. just enjoy the solo time and more so, just being in hawaii!
    love the bangs & braids. i wear a braid in my hair almost every day. cute!


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