Saturday, May 25

Crafty Chicks I Dig: Tania of Little Things Blogged

I'm back with another of my favorite crafty ladies, folks! Meet Tania, the crochet genius behind Little Things Blogged and HandMadeBox. You may remember her from the Kokeshi Doll pattern test I did for her a while back. She makes the CUTEST, most adorable little plushies I've ever seen. AND she poses them in the sweetest scenes for her photographs. She posts free patterns to her blog pretty regularly, and is always gathering up some awesome crochet goodies and projects from around the interwebs. CHECK. IT. OUT. ;)

I interviewed Tania for my Crafty Chicks series. I've included her answers and some of my favorite projects of hers for all of you!

1. Girrrrl, how'd you get so crafty?
I practically started crocheting as I wanted to find myself a new hobby. I started making easy projects like scarfes etc, up until I somehow got the hang of how to hold my hook and yarn and then started experimenting with other techniques and projects like amigurumi.

At present, I'm literally addicted to crocheting. You can find me crocheting almost during any time of the day! I think it is a way of relaxing to me.

2. What is your favorite crafty technique or whatever?
My favorite technique would be amigurumi. I love creating amigurumi projects and toys

3. What project(s) are you most proud of?
That would be my amigurumi monkey, my kokeshi dolls and my crochet cake!

4. How do you break out of a creative block?
Hm, that's a difficult question. But to be honest, I've never been stuck in a creative block, because I've got far too many projects in my mind I want to start or complete, that there is no time to get stuck in a block!;) I started writing my projects down in order to keep my thoughts organized. Nonetheless if that was the case, I'd definitely take a time out for a while, would do other things in order for the creativity to emerge again. And the most important thing, creativity can be found anywhere! ;)

5. Where do you most love to create?
Haha, at my home! I'm not confident enough to crochet in public yet, that is!

Be sure to swing by Tania's blog and say hello! She is such a doll, and her projects really are the cutest (obviouslyyy)!

Who are some of your favorite crafty chicks? I'm always looking for new blogging idols! :)

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  1. Monica! Thanks so much for having me!

    You're the sweetest!


  2. Lovely idea, Monica! Now besides all the cute little amigurumi we could see Tania herself :)

  3. Tania makes the cutest crochet creatures! I've got those cacti on my to-hook list! :)

  4. so impressive! i need to be more crafty! thanks for the inspiration :)
    the well-traveled wife


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