Friday, May 24

Summer Lovin', Havin a Blast

I love summer. I love it SOOO much. I never cared much for summer growing up, but with each passing year, I grow fonder and fonder of the intense sun and heat. This is the first year that I've actually noticed some color in my skin, too. Typically I'm as pale as they come and all I do is burn. But this year? I'm turning a nice toasty color (that's probably only noticeable to me, ha). And since I'm plenty confident in myself at this point in my life, I'm just living in drapes skirts, dresses, and other attire that shows some skin, and it is the besssst. We've had a few days in the upper 80's and one day that was over 90, and I just soaked up that heat like a sun worshiper. I am loving feeling like I'm in an oven. ;) 

Another thing I love about summer? All my beautiful friends come home to visit at least for a little while and we just have the best time. I'm at this age where all my closest friends have moved or are moving out of state and are becoming successful adults (jealous). Plus summer is this time when everyone hangs out outside and you meet all these new people who you probably won't see much outside of summer (or at least that's how things seem to go for me). 

With all this life being lived in the summer, blogging and crafting has admittedly take more of a back burner as of late. Plus, crocheting in the summer always feels weird (wool & heat?). ;) So I'm still here, still crafting, just a little less presently. Also I'm taking two six-week classes which means twelve hours of class a week and a LOT of homework. Also I'm moving soon. So much going on, readers!! 

What's going on in your world? How is your summer going? Are you loving the heat as much as I am?

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  1. Don't you just love the A Beautiful Mess app? It is SO much fun!

  2. I'm glad you having a great summer. :) It seems that all my favorite bloggers are moving. I guess it's that time of year :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I'm not moving far, but I'm already planning out new decor... ;)

  3. Hi Monica, I've followed you over from Erica's post. Your blog is so pretty!

    Sadly summer hasn't quite arrived here in the UK just yet, typically we had a few lovely days in April but this week has been chilly and damp (boo!).

    Still we have spring bank holiday on Monday so I'm looking forward to a weekend full of craft and blogging. And if it stay cold I won't have to feel weird about crochet.

    Michaela x

    1. Hi Michaela! So happy to have you! :) And thank you for your sweet compliment!!

      The weather here has been a bit chilly and damp the last few days too, actually. But your weekend sounds fantastic regardless!!


  4. I looove the summer too! I spent a couple of years in my childhood living in warm Africa and I still hate the cold and wet climate we have here in The Netherlands. So whenever it is warm I get so so excited and happy!



    1. Haha, I am right there with you, Marielle! Ironically, right after I posted this, it got all cold and rainy here! So it was a bit of a downer week weather-wise. But now we're back to warm and sunny! ;)


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