Tuesday, June 25

Decorating Dreams

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Call me crazy, but I love moving... Don't get me wrong, I am not stoked to move (more) boxes and mattresses up and down stairs in the sweltering heat and humidity that just decided to settle over the mitten state... But I'm willing to sweat it out for a few days because a new space gets me so excited. I love switching my scenery. It makes me feel free and alive and ever-changing. A new space for a fresh me.

My style and tastes change seasonally too, and I have finally accepted that I am just a sucker for a good trend. What can I say? ;) So with each move I have new color palettes and ideas swimming around my skull. I thought I'd share a few inspiring spaces from my Pinterest boards with y'all today. Not only are these pretty, but sharing them is also helping me narrow down my favorites from my massive and overcrowded pin boards... Anybody else find weird stuff on your pin boards once in a while and think, "Ew, why did I pin that?!" Oh, just me? Maybe it's time for a clean out... ;) 

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I'm loving lots of white with bold contrast... Bright colors & lots of light. What spaces inspire you? Please share, because I seriously can't get enough. ;) 

**some images had bad or sucky links above (thanks Pinterest...), so if you have the original sources, holla atcha girl.**

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  1. I love the first image, and bottom right, such inspiring spaces. I like bright airy spaces, lots of white with colourful accessories and sunshine! Have fun moving!


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