Sunday, June 30

Moving Out + Update!

So if you haven't read already, I'm moving out of my current apartment. And as I stated in my last post, I generally like moving. But I'm starting to think that this may be the move that makes me change my tune. ;) I have been leaving work early all week to pack and move things over to Scott's house (I'm staying there for a week or so until our new place is ready). I have been living in yoga pants, workout tanks, sports bras, and tennis shoes. That may sound like the comfiest week ever, but I'm over it. I'm ready to wear a dress, a skirt, a real bra! TMI? What can I say... ;)

One great thing about moving is the clean out. Moving provides this perfect opportunity to really examine and sift through the crap you've accumulated since your last move. I'm proud to say that I didn't accumulate too much in the last year, aside from an abundance of leftover craft supplies. I still went through a lot of the things I haven't used in the past year though, which is always cleansing. I'm donating three garbage bags of clothes, sheets, and shoes, along with a large box of DVDs, a box of books, and a number of old furniture pieces. The great thing about the digital world is that we don't have to hang on to things like DVDs and books, am I right? And I hate being bogged down by stuff. Clothes I bought and never wore? No need to keep them. I blame my Old Navy discount for all those super cheap clothing purchases. Who can resist a pair of green skinny jeans for $8? Not me, apparently. 

Unfortunately, I strained my back pretty bad today packing and moving boxes around my apartment. Ouch. I'm currently all cozied up on the couch with heat pads, haha. So soothing... I'm hoping it's better by tomorrow, cause this girl's got more movin' to do! 

Now, remember, Google Reader subscribers, Google Reader is bitin' the dust in just a few days! 
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  1. I also love moving because it's a time to narrow down the things you own. You realize how much junk you have. AND you get to go through some great memories. Goodwill is going to love me on my next move, there is so much stuff I have to get rid of!

    1. It is truly amazing the amount of junk one accumulates... And so quickly too! My donations are currently stashed at my moms place, waiting for the next VA drive. :)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more that the best part of moving is the "clean out." I love de-cluttering! Good luck with the rest of your move, and I hope your back feels better soon. xoxo

    1. Laura, you are so sweet, thank you! So far I've been sleeping on the softest couch ever which is helping my back, haha. And I love de-cluttering too! I wish I could de-clutter even more, but the crafter in me is all, "Ooo don't get rid of that, you should make it into something cool!" ;)


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