Thursday, July 11

Crochet Flower Coasters with Felt Backing

HEY GUYS! So I'm half-homeless at the moment, crashing at Scott's place while our new apartment is being prepared for our move in. All my stuff is stacked in his garage, so I'm living out of a suitcase, separated from all my crafty supplies (TORTURE). But don't worry, right now I'm busy working on some hardcore home decor projects that I think you will LOVE. :) 

A few weeks ago, I whipped up some crochet flower coasters for ThinkCrafts. I've seen coasters like this all over, and was eager to come up with my own pattern. Check it out here and make your own! There's also information on how to back them with felt for added durability and a finished touch. 

I hope July is treating you all well so far!

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  1. Love these! Great pattern, and love how you added felt. Makes them much more durable! ~Stephanie

  2. The coasters are adorable! Love the color!

  3. These are so cute. Adding the felt is a great idea!

    So glad your move went well and that you love your new place! :)

  4. Ola Monica, seus porta-copos sao lindos. Vou apresenta-los no meu g+ pois é nas cores da bandeira do Brasil. Acho que todas as brasileiras amantes de crochet vao "enlouquecer" pois a copa do mundo, no proximo ano, sera aqui no Brasil.
    Bebidas nao vao faltar... Vou ressaltar a sua idéia do feltro como apoio, pois é maravilhosa, eu ainda nao conhecia. Parabéns! Maria Alice.

    1. Thank you, Mary Alice! You are very kind, and I'm flattered by your comment. :) If you end up making your own set of coasters, I'd love to see a photo!

  5. Какие милые! очень понравились. Вы молодец!


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