Wednesday, October 30

Lacy Ghost Mobile

I may have mentioned boyfriend's love of Halloween before, but if I haven't, boyfriend loves Halloween. It's his favorite holiday, in his favorite month, filled with his favorite weird gory, skeleton-y decorations. So I tried to make some DIY decor this year, that was still in keeping with the holiday, while not being overly creepy and scary. Cause ya know, I still wanted to walk through my living room at night without being FILLED WITH TERROR. I realize this is a little late in the game, but if you're like me, you may not start holiday crafting until the day before the holiday, mmkay? ;) 

This was a pretty quick project that I made up on a whim. I love project ideas that hit you like a bolt of lightning, especially when you have pieces you can use immediately to make it happen. Of course I've seen similar ghosties over the years with styrofoam balls and what have you, so this is not like some new innovative thing. Credit where credit is due, ya know. 

Stuff You'll Need: plastic Christmas bulbs (I used two different sizes), lacy fabric (got mine at the thrift store), black felt, white thread, fishing line, 12" embroidery hoop, black yarn, scissors, tacky glue
  1. Remove the metal hanger from your Christmas bulbs. 
  2. Holding your bulbs upside down, drape your fabric over each bulb and cut it to size. You can make your fabric as drapey as you like, and don't worry too much about cutting a straight line or anything. 
  3. Cut a length of thread and tie it around the base of your bulb (the plastic stem), securing the fabric. 
  4. Cut two small ovals from your felt and glue them on using tacky glue. You could also add a third oval for a mouth if you'd like. 
  5. While the glue dries, wrap your embroidery hoop with black yarn. 
  6. Cut two pieces from your black yarn, about 3 feet each. Center one piece under your hoop and loop each end of the yarn outside the circle, inside, then back out. Pull the ends until they are relatively even. Repeat with your second piece perpendicular to the first. 
  7. Tie the four ends of yarn together in a knot at the top (you can shorten them at this point if you'd like). 
  8. Thread a length of fishing line through the fabric at the top of each ghost, matching up the ends of the fishing line so that the ghost is centered. Tie a knot just above the ghost's head to secure the line. Then tie your ghosts onto your hoop, hanging them at various heights.
  9. Hang your ghost mobile from the ceiling and enjoy for Halloween! I stuck a 3M cord clip to my ceiling so I could remove it when I move out, and it's working great! 
What do you think of my ghosties? I love them, myself. So easy, too. Except they creepily keep all staring into that mirror they're next to... They never move, haha, they just stare at their reflections (weird). 

Only one more day to stock up on mini candy bars before all the stores sell out, friends! I live in an apartment, so I don't get to hand any out... But lord knows I love an excuse to buy sweets... Who's with me?! 

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  1. Love love love! I also don't like the super creepy stuff, I prefer the tamer and cute decorations. :) ~Stephanie

  2. Love this idea. They're so cute! I've just had this idea to paint the eyes with fluorescent color, or just the border of the eyes so they glow in the dark...

    1. Thank you, Sabrina! That would be sooo cute! If you make (or made) some, I'd love to see a photo!! :)

  3. This is spooky and cute at the same time. Perfect for Halloween! :)


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