Thursday, October 17

Spider Pumpkins & a Giveaway!

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I am featured in All You magazine this month! But I have a whole post planned about that, so more on that later. ;) Just over a week ago, I was contacted by All You about their Halloween Handbook, and was sent a copy to review. I'm sure you can guess how much I love craft books... They're like, pre-Pinterest inspiration, people. This is how my mom got all her great ideas back in the day. And who doesn't love the glossy pages of a new book, hmm? 

I flipped through the book plenty of times, dreaming of all the projects I wanted to make, before settling on the adorable spider pumpkins (at least partly because I had all the supplies on hand, am I right?). You can see the original project in the photo above. 

The book is filled with clever ideas for Halloween, and not just crafts! There were home decor projects, party planning projects, outdoor decor projects, adorable DIY costume ideas that I'm mentally storing for my motherhood-days, and recipes for both party foods and devilish desserts -- yum! Some stand outs for me include a googly-eye wreath I wanted to tackle, many more pumpkin projects I may get to, and a ton of super delicious looking cake & drink recipes that boyfriend is begging me to make. 

The beauty of this too, is that All You is a women's magazine focused on saving money, a.k.a. affordable projects! So none of these ideas will break the bank. Instead, they're all clever and creative ways to deck out for the holidays without spending a fortune in the seasonal aisle of Target (guilty). ;) 

I tweaked the spider pumpkin project a bit because, you know, gotta work with what you've got. So instead of the reccomended twigs, I used pipe cleaners, and instead of push pins & paper fangs, I used giant yellow felt circles. 

Stuff You'll Need: (mini) pumpkins, black paint, foam brush, black pipe cleaners, yellow felt, scissors, tacky glue

To make these, simply paint your pumpkins black and let them dry. I used tiny mini pumpkins, so I cut my pipe cleaners in half (4 pipe cleaners per pumpkin), and pushed them into the sides of my pumpkins, 4 legs per side of course. I then bent the pipe cleaners to look like spidey legs, cut out some big circles from my yellow felt, and glued them on for eyes! Ta-da! How simple is that? And such a cute take on pumpkin decor, right?

And lucky for you, All You wants to send two of you readers a copy of the Halloween Handbook, too! This is my first self-hosted giveaway, so pardon the shameless self-promotion. ;) I wanted there to be LOTS of ways you can earn entries! You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, and be sure to share with your friends who may like a copy as well! The giveaway ends Monday, October 21st at midnight, and you can earn extra entries for tweeting each day! Good luck, beautiful readers! 

P.S. If/when you "like" All You on Facebook, check out their Take This, Make That  feature, and vote for your fav! Yours truly is one of the competitors, but you know, no pressure. ;) 

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  1. These guys are too cute!

    I just downloaded a papercraft for a zombie head for my desk at work. Going to make it over my lunch break!

    1. Thanks Sarah! And thanks for entering!

      That sounds so cute! If I ever have a cubicle/desk you better believe I'm gonna decorate it with so many craft projects. Hah! ;)

  2. These little guys are awesome! I really like the pipecleaner legs.... better then the twigs I think! ~Stephanie

  3. Congrats on being featured! Yay!
    These spiders are great plus I love the pipecleaner legs! The mini pumpkins are sooo cute!


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