Wednesday, January 29

Basic Granny Square Tutorial

So. Many. Granny squares... Thanks to the Crochet Mood Blanket, I am freaking obsessed. I wanted to try my hand at the basic, old school granny, because truth be told, it has been years since I've made one. I've seen a bunch of people on the Mood Blanket social media pages bummin' out about their "basic squares" being "boring," and I'm over here like, "pfft, look at dem simple squares lookin' fab." I also saw some newbie crocheters struggling with their squares, so I thought a good photo tutorial may be helpful to some.

I'm sharing the full post at my side gig, ThinkCrafts. Check it out and make some squares with me! 

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  1. I love basic granny squares. They're a great project to work on while watching TV and don't require a lot of thought. And the color combinations are endless.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I'm excited to whip up some projects with the basic granny. :)


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