Thursday, January 2

Happy Holidays, Readers!

Phew! A lot has happened since I posted last, readers. I GRADUATED COLLEGE!! That first photo is my face before my final college class, in which I gave my final college presentation (which I nailed). My prof even bought our class pizza -- best way to finish school? I think so. 

Then there were all the Christmas events... New Year's Eve... New Year's Day... People always talk about how busy December is, but every year I think I'll have plenty of time to get everything done. I doubt that this will surprise you, but I always want to DIY all my gifts. The only trouble is that I rarely begin production on those gifts sooner than two weeks before Christmas. Oops. Actually, I'm still making Christmas gifts today, hah. 

I'm sad to see Christmas go. Finals and the flu really distracted me from a lot of the holiday revelry this year. Christmas is so magical. The snow, the lights, and the general feeling of hope that take over all make my heart happy. Perhaps most important for me, however, is the exchanging of gifts. I know, I know... Maybe you think that sounds materialistic or superficial, but I assure you that is not what I mean. I am a far better giver than I am a receiver. I love the opportunity to show the people I love how much I care about them (in the form of a well-thought out, meaningful gift). Seeing their faces light up when they unwrap a carefully packaged gift gives me such joy. 

Now it's the new year: 2014. A time for resolutions and changes and making plans. Truth be told, I rarely get too into the "resolutions" thing. But I am big on making lists... So in the past I have made silly lists to complete in the calendar year. Perhaps I'll list out some goals this month. 

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Have you made any resolutions?

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