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Julep Maven Box: A Review + Link for a FREE box!

Right before Christmas, one of my cousins sent me an invitation to the Julep Maven subscription box. At first I thought, "A nail polish and beauty box? I never paint my nails and rarely bother with more than some powder and mascara. Nexxxxt!" Buttt, the first box was free and the website hooked me with their cute "which style are you" quiz, so I signed up to get a box thinking that I'd cancel after that free one. As you can probably tell by that first photo, I didn't cancel. Since the end of December, I have amassed a collection of 20 polishes.

I am seriously addicted, girls. If you follow me on Instagram, a.k.a. the only social media I actually use, you are well aware that in addition to my crochet projects, I now post a bunch of manicure photos. I can't get enough. I have gone from a plain jane girl with naked nails to a polish princess desperate to perfect the ombre mani. I blame my post-grad lifestyle of free evenings on the couch uninfringed by homework and research papers. I also blame all the pretty polishes, amazing deals, and fun contests that Julep keeps dangling in front of me. Seriously, this start-up rules. 

I should note that this review is 100% unsolicited. I have purchased all my own products, and Julep probably has no idea who I am (though the first Julep mani pic I posted did end up in one of their banner ads, hayy-ayyy!). That said: Dear Julep, If y'all want to send me some swag to gush over, be my guest. ;) But really readers, I just wanted to tell you girls how kick ass this box is. 

So Julep itself is a start-up beauty company based in Seattle, Washington. From what I understand, they started out with nail parlors featuring their own polish line and have since expanded to makeup and skincare products as well. Read more about their history and philosophy (that beauty is about connection, not competition) on their about page. You can purchase their products on their website without joining the Maven program I keep talking about, but lemme tell ya, the Maven program is where all the fun is. 

By joining Julep Maven, you can buy all their products at discounted rates plus free shipping, you get monthly boxes filled with polishes and/or beauty products for $20/month, you get exclusive early access to the new products in those boxes, and you can rack up points for those monthly Maven boxes that you later cash in for future boxes!

If you haven't heard of Julep Maven (I hadn't), you have probably at least heard of BirchBox or the Ipsy Bag, right? Both are beauty subscription boxes that ship out monthly and feature an assortment of makeup, beauty, and/or lifestyle items for stylish gals. I've never been all that interested in those boxes personally, because for one, you don't know what's coming before hand, and for two, I don't really need or want little samples of lotion or blush in a random shade. 

What I love about the Julep Maven program is that you can not only see what is coming in your box, you can also switch to a different set of products and colors, add products at a major discount, or skip the month altogether if you'd like. It's much more custom and you don't end up paying for things you don't want or need. 

All that said, I am not addicted simply because it's fun to get things in the mail -- all the products I've received so far have been stellar. The polish is high quality, lasts for days without chipping, peeling, or rubbing off, and the colors, shades, and finishes are all phenomenal. In addition to the polishes, I've also received a skin serum, some moisturizing products, creme eyeshadows, and an ink eyeliner, all of which I have been incredibly pleased with. 

So let's talk nitty-gritty: There are five style profiles (Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, Bombshell, It Girl, and Modern Beauty). Each style profile has a different set of products each month. During the "Maven Reveal Window," you can see all the products coming out and pick whichever set you'd like. The boxes start at $20 and contain at least $40 worth of product, guaranteed. 

Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, and Bombshell all contain 2 new full sized polishes and one full sized beauty product; It Girl contains 3 new full sized polishes; and Modern Beauty contains 2 full sized beauty products. Even better, if you want the Modern Beauty box, for example, but love one of the month's new polishes, you can add it to your box on the cheap! And if you're not into the month's products or are trying to save some money, you can just skip the month! Buying the box and adding upgrades earn you points (or "Jules") that you can later redeem for a free Maven box. You also get points for referring friends! You can read the FAQs for more details. 

Have I sold you yet? If you're into free things and pretty products, use this link to get a FREE box and enter code "MAVENBFF" at checkout (you just pay $4 shipping!). If you aren't smitten with the box, you can cancel after that! If you are into it, I'm sorry and you're welcome. ;) 

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