Thursday, February 13

Pillow Box Valentine's

I was wandering the aisles of Meijer last night, doing some late night grocery shopping while boyfriend impatiently pushed the cart alongside me, when I spotted the giant display of kiddie Valentine packs. I know I'm not the only one who misses picking out some uber cheesy Valentine kit featuring your favorite Disney character, AM I RIGHT? Of course, weirdo child that I was, I started DIYing Valentine's for my classmates around the sixth grade. Oh, to be twelve and have nothing but time for crafts... 

Now that I'm an adult (and by "adult," I mean that I have to pay bills, do my own laundry, and feed myself somehow, not that I'm like, responsible or that I have life figured out or that I've mastered time management) it seems like I have to scrape precious moments from each week to use for crafting. As a result, I always dream up projects that have inherent deadlines (like holidays) and don't actually make them, ever. Sorry family and friends, but let's be honest: As crafty and adorable as you think I am, you have not received a timely, cutesy gift like a Valentine from me in yearsss... THAT CHANGES NOW. 

As you may know, I made a bunch of these mini crochet hearts while developing a pattern for y'all. Then I remembered these cute pillow boxes I found in the Target dollar section a couple months ago and hatched a plan for some DIY Valentine's. If you, like me, have a handful of crochet hearts laying around now, or if you feel like whipping some up real quick, you can tie them onto some pretty boxes filled with chocolates. If you are more normal than I am and don't have a random stockpile of crochet hearts, you could easily cut some out of some cardstock, punch a hole the heart sides, and tie them on that way! 

I stuffed my pillow boxes with surprisingly tasty Hershey's Raspberry Hugs, tiny crochet hearts (get details in my old Crochet Heart Garland post), and sequins for a touch of pretty. I taped the ends with solid and glitter washi tape, and then wrapped each box with a length of sparkly thread (I used Vana's Choice Glamour yarn). On the final pass of the thread, I used a yarn needle to pass each end of the thread through the heart from side to side, tying the thread ends at the back. 

Are you DIYing any Valentine's this year? Tell me about that, friends. 

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