Friday, August 30

Diamond Candles: A Review & GIVEAWAY!

A little while ago, I was contacted by a company called Diamond Candles, and obviously I was intruiged -- OBVIOUSLY... Diamonds and candles are like two of my favorite things. So I checked out their website and got the scoop. The whole idea is that each candle has a ring buried in the wax, and as you burn the candle, you'll find a ring wrapped in gold foil. The ring could be worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000 (whaaaat!). 

Rings are actually my favorite jewelry item, and really the only jewelry item I change up pretty regularly. So I was stoked. But then there's the candle itself, right? The candle itself is a 100% soy eco-friendly and all natural candle. I don't know if you've ever compared soy candles to regular ol' candles, but soy candles are far superior in my humble opinion. They burn beautifully and are cleaner than paraffin candles. I talk a little more about soy candles over on my DIY soy candles post, if you were curious. 

I picked my scent -- Peach Paradise -- and waited impatiently for my candle to arrive. I was actually interested in a few other scents, but they were sold out. Kind of a bummer, but also kind of speaks to a company's popularity, am I right? They also have some really cute "gift" candles for new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, and what not.

So my candle arrived, and I kid you not, this candle was HUGE. You can tell on their website that these aren't tiny little candles (and at $25 a piece, they had better not be), but this thing was literally as tall as my head. And I don't have a small head, friends. Skeptical? Check my Instagram photo. ;)

You can see that little circle of gold foil on the side of the candle in the first photo, and I thought that THAT was the ring, but it wasn't. Teaserrrr foilll... BUT, my ring was right around that level, and even a little higher in the candle than that circle. So I really didn't have to wait too long to dig out my little treasure. 

AS SOON as I saw that little peak of crumpled gold foil, I dashed for boyfriend's tweezers (like I was gonna shove my nice ones in there when I had another option...) and pulled that baby right on outta there. (Blow out the wick before you do that though for like, safety reasons.) Then you unwrap the gold foil and your ring is in a little baggie. This is a messy process. But the wax washed right off, and maybe partly because it's so natural and high quality, it really wasn't so bad. 

Then voila! Wash your hands, scrape the dried wax off your (or your boyfriend's) tweezers, and enjoy your new ring! I'm sure this little beaut' is one of the $10 rings, but I like it lots just the same. I like simpler jewelry, and the shiny silver band and big ol' lime green gem make me real happy. PLUS I still have this giant freaking candle that smells amazing left to burn! 

Overall, I was very happy with my Diamond Candle experience, and I would definitely recommend their product, especially for gifts actually. I rarely buy myself things like (nice) candles, but I love them just the same and adore receiving them as presents. Of course, I adore presents in general too. ;) 

And now for the goods! One of YOUUU can win your very own Diamond Candle (in the scent of your choosing) by entering with the widget below! If you can't wait, they're having a sale this weekend, buy 2 get one free! Head to their website and check it out. For more photos of found rings, check their Facebook page

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