Tuesday, August 13

New Spaces

Hi friends :) So I've been in my new apartment for about three weeks now, and it is starting to really feel like home. It's cozy and spacious all at once, and I am constantly excited about how cute the whole place is. The layout and overall feel is just eons ahead of my old place. Look at that window near my desk! And that's one of the smallest windows with the least pretty view! 

I have realized, however, that I have a bit of decorator's anxiety! Actually, I think it's just another manifestation of my deep-rooted commitment issues. Boyfriend is like, "I'm gonna hang this mirror here, is that cool?" And I'm like, "What?! I dunno! What's the rush?! How do I know if I'll like it there?!" Silly mini-panic attacks about mirror placement. I tell ya. Am I alone in this? 

I love so many design-y places. I swoon over a well-accessorized space. And yet... I can rarely bring myself to purchase a vase that makes me smile or put screws into the wall to hang a shelf. Obviously, your girl needs to grow some cojones and put her hammer to use. ;) 

All the projects I've got in the works are pretty big-scale, and therefore time consuming. Fingers crossed that amid work work work, finishing my online class, and a dear friend visiting, I will be sharing soon! 

I recently made a profile on Kollabora. Have you been on this site yet? I love it. It's a community of makers where you can upload your completed and WIP projects, favorite others' postings, read blog posts, learn new skills, shop their store, and connect with other users. Check it out & look me up! 

What's new in your necks-a-the-woods?

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