Wednesday, August 28

Snapshots // 8-23-13

I cannot believe it's the end of August. The END of AUGUST. Where has 2013 gone? It's going to be 2014 before I know it, and then all of a sudden I'll have kids or something and even more responsibilities. The time... It does a-fly. 

Lately I've been practicing my cross stitchin' skills and I am loving it. Cross stitch is really the first real "skilled" craft I remember learning as a kid. It's also the first craft that grew stale. But right now, when life is hectic and I am itching for as much down time as I can gather, stitching is surprisingly relaxing and I can't get enough. It's also been a nice switch from crochet, especially since I'm not big on yarn in the summer time. 

Speaking of summer, I am soaking up as much of that as I can right now. I swear it's going to be Halloween tomorrow and I'll be singing Christmas carols, bundled up in scarves, puffy coats, and layers by the weekend.. So for now, it's sandals, yogas, and dresses -- all day, erry'day. Expect that I have literally 54 mosquito bites on my legs right now from a bonfire where I turned down bug spray. Lesson learned, friends. 

What crafts help you relax? 
How are you spending the remaining summer days?

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