Monday, February 11

DIY Crochet Heart Garland

Why isn't Valentine's Day just called "Love Day?" I think Love Day sounds a lot cuter, myself. I've admittedly been calling it Love Day for a few weeks... I like it better. ;)

This is another little "Love Day" beauty I've been dreaming of for a little while. It was a bit time consuming, but super easy, especially once you get on a roll with the hearts.

Stuff You'll Need:
4 different shades of 100% cotton yarn, size G crochet hook, a yarn needle, fishing line

I tried out a number of different heart patterns before I landed on this one. I used the pattern suggested by by Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl. The pattern was super simple, and I love that it was only one row of crochet rather than several (whatta time saver). 

I used Lily's Sugar & Cream yarn with a G hook. I love how the cotton yarn holds up and doesn't get all fuzzy... I made 50 hearts total, 12 in each of the multi-colored yarns and 14 in the hot pink solid. Once you've made a zillion hearts, grab your fishing line and your yarn needle. One by one, string your hearts onto the fishing line; you want to go through the top part of the hearts so that they hang well (you can see the fishing line in the hot pink heart two photos up). You can space them as you'd like... I pushed mine right up against each other. I did two strands of garland, one with 21 hearts and the other with 29. Then just tape them up!

I may make some more or use these for "Share Your Heart" yarn-bombing day! Have you ever yarn-bombed? :)

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  1. Super cute, love how it turned out!



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