Tuesday, June 26

Craft Wars & Lacking Focus

I have my last summer class tomorrow morning, and I just cannot focus on my final project. I'm making this website on nutrition, but it's totally lame and boring and the "visual appeal" is only a small fraction of the grade. I also have a final that I just can't bring myself to study for, but if I'm being honest, I rarely study for any sort of test. What can I say?

I watched CRAFT WARS tonight. Obviously I was super stoked about the whole series, and I admit that I was a little disappointed. Probably just because I had set my expectations so high... But the judges were harsh and kind of mean! And Tori Spelling was just... I don't know, pesky seeming? She would drive me nuts with her condescending questions while I was trying to work! ;)

It was definitely impressive to see those ladies whipping out crafts & friggin' houses in a matter of hours though! It would take me longer than that to BRAINSTORM! I mean, maybe not, but seriously... Impressive. I'm excited for the rest of the series. Hopefully the judges grow on me!

Now, tomorrow is boyfriend's last day of class too, but it's his last day ever! As of tomorrow at 7:30pm, he will have completed his master's program. I could not be more proud. I have every intention of making some sort of delicious cake. If only I had a stand mixer for some frosting... Oh well, work with what you've got! ;) More on the cake later...
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  1. A show all about crafts?! Sounds like a good concept to me (though I've never seen an episode)! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower xo


    1. Yeah girl! It's like Cupcake Wars (have you seen that) but with crafty goodness. And don't worry! This was the first episode EVER. It's on TLC if you're interested. :)

      Thanks so much for the compliment & the follow! Too flattered to have you here. XO

  2. YAY scott!!!!! I'm gonna go watch craft wars!


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