Saturday, June 16

Dresser Facelift, Please & Thanks!

As I've mentioned before, I love free things. Never turn down free things, I say! Unless you know, they're totally gross. But this is about a dresser! A dresser I found abandoned in my cousin's garage. Evidently, the dresser had been there for years, but it was still full of clothes and all sorts of things. But this dresser had potential...

Unfortunately, this project began before my brand new blog, and I failed to snap a true "before" picture. The first picture I have of the dresser was taken just after I removed the drawers, took a belt sander to the top and rubbed the rest of the dresser with liquid sandpaper. Let me paint you a picture: it looked just like this, but shinier.

Thanks to my amateur photography skills, the dresser looks like it gets wider towards the top, but I promise that it doesn't. It is wide though... Like, I can fit THREE stacks of jeans in one drawer... THREE! I'm used to two stacks with some skirts shoved into the remaining crevasse. 

So as I mentioned before, I took a belt sander to the top of this bad boy. But that was a bad plan. A giant pain in the rear, and the results sucked. But then I found out about LIQUID SANDPAPER! What's liquid sandpaper, you ask? It's just a liquid... That you rub all over the furniture... And it removes the glossy layer so that paint and primer will adhere better! So I did that... Then I painted the whole darn thing with a paint+primer in one satin enamel from Home Depot.

I used a small roller on the majority of the piece, but I used a brush for all the detail work of course. 

Note to self: Don't let boyfriends pick out paint colors! I wanted a grey... And this paint is blue. Some suggested that I just repaint the whole thing grey, but I mean... That'd be like, a lot more work, right? 

So blue it is. I'll make it work! One coat of paint + some touch-ups later:


Did you notice something off about the finished product? Like say... That the knobs don't match? I know, right?! Genius, if I say so myself. Just kidding, but really, I went shopping for pretty pretty knobs at Hobby Lobby and I could not find 12 of the same knobs! And I did NOT want to wait for some to come in. So I opted for mismatched knobs! But they're not totally mismatched. They're all crystal! Well, faux crystal. Some match... Like, a couple. 

Regardless, the transformation is amazing. I rescued her form the garage, vacuumed out countless spiders and their webs (yikes!) but it was so worth it! One last look at the finished product: 

What do you think? What would you have done differently? Do the mismatched knobs drive you nuts? they drive you nuts in a GOOD way?? ;) 
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  1. Woo baby! They drive ME nuts! ;)

  2. Wow! That looks so awesome! :) Well done, ma'am! I LOVE the mismatched knobs- it adds so much character!

    P.S. Thanks for the awesome tip for my hat hanger! ;)


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