Friday, June 29

Gimmie 5

Oh Friday, you wonderful day, you. How glad am I that it's the weekend? So glad! So so glad! 

I don't mean to imply that this week was lack luster or anything. In fact, it was a good one. Top 5 highlights? Well here ya go: 
  1. Livonia Spree fireworks show with my love. We sat on a blanket, played games in the beautiful weather waiting for the show to start, and drank a lot had a great time. Above is a shot of our matching umbrellas making hearts { <3 } on our blanket!
  2. I cleaned momma's house for her and she made me BBQ ribs & homemade blackberry mint tea in return {along with ya know, paying me}. Yum!!
  3. I spent some quality time with my idea notebook, jotting down ideas for this bad boy of a blog. Woo! And I redesigned the whole she-bang too! I love it. :) 
  4. Scotty and I went on a very nice evening stroll through a park and across a new bridge. We saw a lot of other walkers/bikers/active people living life outside and it totally inspired me to be more active again. I'm looking forward to more walks & outside play time!
  5. Boyfriend graduated grad school! I'm so proud of my little master's degree holder. :) We went out for delicious seafood eats to celebrate. As always, it was a good time!
How was your week? Was it a goodie? I'd love to hear about it. :)
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