Saturday, June 30

Foodie Pen Pals Reveal 001

Have you heard of Foodie Pen Pals? Well I am a Foodie Pen Pal newbie, and I am here to tell you that it is fabulous. Basically, you sign up over at Lindsay's blog, The Lean Green Bean, and you're matched with another foodie blogger/reader. Your job is to get to know who you're matched up with a bit, and within a couple weeks you'll send them a package full of yummy goodies!

At the same time that you're planning a package for your buddy, someone else is planning a package for you! It's like a giant round robin of foodie goodness -- there are somewhere over 900 participants in the US, Canada, and the UK! I'm telling you, this is a good time.

So onto my reveal... I got my package of deliciousness from the lovely Laura over at Becoming the Odd Duck. Laura is from Texas, which happens to be one of my favorite states, so needless to say I was pretty stoked to get some noms from the lone star state. Check it out!

Who in their right mind doesn't love getting any kind of snail mail, let alone PACKAGES?! Am I right? I mean geez, I'll participate in anything if it means I get packages in the mail! Couldn't wait to cut this bad boy open...

And I was not disappointed in the least!!! Laura sent me: 
  • an adorable hand written card explaining her choices
  • some super yummy organic whole wheat gemelli pasta
  • little peanut butter {and chocolate peanut butter} squeeze packets
  • a raspberry pomegranate dark chocolate bar {I mean, are you serious?!}
  • organic refried black beans {refried BLACK beans?!}
  • Texas BBQ sauce {yum!}
  • Biscoff spread {new to me!}
  • and the most scrumptious chips I've ever had -- sweet potato chips!

Obviously I busted into the Biscoff like... within moments of opening the package. Have you ever had this stuff? It's like sweet peanut butter made of cookie-goodness or something. It's European. Isn't everything European just... fantastic? Darn those Europeans...

I've had to hide the sweet potato chips from boyfriend, because they are the best ever.

And I've got big plans for the BBQ, pasta, and beans! Separate plans, I mean... While I'm sure they're going to be delicious on their own, I think they'd be kind of gross all together.

And it's all I can do to nibble on my chocolate bar gradually!!

Want to see what I sent my pen pal, Elle? Read about it on her blog here!

Intrigued by the program? Sign up to be a Foodie Pen Pal!

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  1. Oh I love getting packages, too! This is a really cool program and you've got me interested!

  2. You are adorable! I'm so glad you liked everything I sent and if you need me to restock your stash of anything, you just let me know :)


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