Sunday, January 13

Glitter Jars DIY

I. LOVE. GLITTER. Who doesn't, right? Probably most men. But I love it! So when I wanted to craft some containers for my kitchen I knew I wanted to go with GLITTER. ;)

Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw a peek of these already. But now you can make your own!

Cute, crafty kitchen containers are pretty common I think. I've toyed with buying some kitchen containers for a while... I've kept my flour and sugar and whatever in ziploc bags for a longggg time {not cute!}.

So I made a plethora of jars! You know they sell mason jars at the dollar store? True story. I got some bigger jars at Target too though. I have more large containers to decorate, but I'll do that later. And sure, these containers aren't necessarily large enough to hold all of each thing {sugar, salt, flour, cornmeal}, but they make each thing accessible and they're cute enough that I'll actually keep them out rather than shoved in a cupboard out of sight and out of reach.

Right now I have them on the bookshelf that boyfriend DIYed for my kitchen this Christmas. I'm thinking of moving the mixer, installing some wall shelves above the actual bookshelf, and moving the jars to the shelves then. But we'll see. 

Stuff you'll need: 
Clean & dry glass jars, Elmer's glue, extra fine glitter, clear acrylic sealer (spray), paint brushes
**To contain my mess, I also used a wax paper lined baking sheet, a large cardboard box, an unused foam brush, and paper towels!**

What you'll do:
  1. "Paint" a design on your jar with the glue. -- I tried taping designs and using contact paper, but really, free-handing the patterns worked best. If your design gets sloppy or you change your mind, wipe off the glue while it's still wet with a paper towel.
  2. Holding your jar over a wax paper baking sheet, sprinkle glitter over the wet glue generously
  3. Gently shake the excess glitter off your jar and onto the wax paper. When you're done glittering, you can roll up the wax paper and use it as a "funnel" to pour the glitter back into the container it came in. 
  4. Let the glue dry for at least an hour or so. Then, using a dry foam brush or a paper towel gently brush the excess glitter (all around your design) from your jar. 
  5. Once the design has fully dried and all excess glitter has been brushed off the jar, spray your jar with acrylic sealer. I used a large cardboard box to spray into since it's freezing outside, just make sure you crack a window or two to vent out the fumes. Put a rolled piece of paper into your jar to keep the sealer from getting inside your jar. 
  6. Follow the directions on your can of sealer, and apply 1 - 3 more coats of sealer, inspecting the jar between coats. 
The sealer makes the jars washable, but only hand washable  And you still don't want to "wash" the glitter parts... Just the inside. 

This one ^^ is one of my favorites. And I did use painters tape to guide the straight line for this one, but the line was pretty sloppy when I peeled off the tape, so I cleaned it up with paper towel before applying the glitter.

These would also make really cute storage jars for pretty craft supplies like embroidery floss, buttons, or rhinestones... Or maybe a pencil cup for your desk! :)

**I used basic Elmer's school glue, Recollections Extra Fine Glitter in Champagne from Michaels, and Krylon Acrylic Clear Coat Sealer.**
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