Tuesday, January 15

The Coziest Crochet Slippers

 I have never had much confidence in my accessory-making abilities. I don't know why, but I've always been more of a crochet-in-rounds kindda girl. But then my brother's girlfriend asked me to make her a crochet infinity scarf and matching ear warmer this Christmas... And I haven't stopped crocheting wearables since.

I posted my first pair of slippers, crocheted on a total whim, to my Instagram & Facebook page, and the response was not what I had anticipated! People seemed to love the slippers, so I crocheted more and more... Product development, I guess. 

I've made a few different styles, but this is definitely my favorite thus far. They're crazy comfy and crazy soft. I made them from a wool blend yarn, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I'm selling them in my Etsy shop now, but am thinking of sharing the pattern here on the blog as well. I'm all about DIY, so it seems hypocritical to keep others from DIYing something that I would totally DIY... But if you like them and don't crochet, check out my shop {link at the top}. :) 

Also, I bought a pom pom maker (!!!) this week and have been making pom poms to pass the time while I fight this nasty cold. ;) :) 

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  1. What is a Pom Pom maker and where do I find one?!?! Lol
    I've made Pom poms by hand and I really don't like how the yarn pieces are quite easy to pull out!!


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