Thursday, January 31

Crochet-Along: Mary Jane Slippers

When Erica posted her crochet beanie from The Curious Pug's Crochet-Along, I had to check that out, OBVIOUSLY. I've always been a bit ADHD when it comes to crafts, especially crochet. I tend to be pretty hot and cold with my crochet hook... But lately all I want to do is turn yarn into stuff.

And being that I just made some crochet slippers of my own design, I was stoked to see that the crochet-along for January was some mary jane style slippers (a style I'd been wanting to try out). The pattern was from Good Knits, but I switched it up a bit.

All the slippers I designed myself used either bulky yarn or worsted weight yarn held double (two strands at once), while this pattern called for regular worsted weight using a size H hook. I like my crochet work tight, so I opted for a G hook instead. My feet also tend to be a bit on the narrow side, so the original pattern worked with an H hook was too wide for my foot. This way the number of stitches in the pattern (worked with a smaller hook) was perfect.

The only changes I made to the pattern in regard to the number of stitches/rows are as follows:
  • I did 22 stitches for the base rather than 23. I don't like my slippers to fit too much like socks, so I wanted more of my foot exposed.
  • I did 14 rows of 22dc for the base/sides of the slipper. 
  • For my final row, I did: 9sc, 1sc3tog, 10sc {the sc3tog forms a sort of mild "heel"}. I did a sc rather than a dc because the slipper almost fit over my foot with the 14 rows of dc. 
  • I do two rows of single-crochet for the edging, but on my second row I do [sc, sc, sc2tog] around to make the slippers a little more fitted to my foot... Keeps them from slipping off! 
  • For the straps, I chained 36 and then slip stitched down the length of the chain. I then sewed the straps on rather than incorporating them into the edging. 
When you work a pattern like this, it involves a lot of trial and error as you work. You need to continually check the slipper on your foot to see where you need to add/decrease stitches. Also remember that the yarn will stretch some when you first wear these. :)

The original pattern used one color for the slipper and a contrasting color for the edging and straps. I chose to do the toe in a bright pink and the rest of the slipper in white; I like the color-blocked look. I used a length of the pink yarn to sew my white buttons on the side for an additional little pop of color.

So what do you think of this slipper design? They are surprisingly comfy with the smaller stitches, to be honest. :)

It was so fun to have a prompt for crocheting something cute! I'm looking forward to the next crochet-along... Hop over to The Curious Pug to see the other slippers that were made this month!
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  1. LOVING your color choices, those are just so cute! I also really like your idea for the modification of the strap, might have to try that out for my next pair. :)

  2. These turned out awesome!!! I love the white and pink and the HUGE button. So adorable.

  3. Thanks look really good, love the colours, and the advice on sizing will come in handy or my next pair! X

  4. Oh, they are just adorable. I love the red tips!!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out. :)

  5. Love your white/pink combo. Like the changes you made to the pattern.
    I found myself making and ripping out, and making again.
    But, I too, found that the pattern for the most part was easy to follow.
    You did a great job!!!

  6. I really like the color combination you used :)

  7. I like how you made them with the toes pink :-)

  8. just getting around to catching up on the participant's projects and i love yours! the pink toe is so cute! they look great :)

  9. These turned out super cute! And I'll echo the previous commenters by complimenting you on your color choices. The photo of the bottoms of your feet "kissing" is my fave. Just lovely.


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