Wednesday, January 16

Quickie Blog ReDesign

I've been wanting to redesign my little bloggy for a while now, and finally just took the plunge today. I figured since I'm melting into my couch anyway... May as well do something that requires little energy! ;)

I liked my previous colors and icons, but really, they weren't very me. Pastels? Not really a palette I incorporate into my life.

So I went with navy and black; a dark color scheme that I think will flow with my photos more naturally. I made social media icons! Not difficult, but when you're rusty, it takes some time...

I also redid my post signature. The heart is hand-drawn and my name is written in my sloppy, computer handwriting. 

Overall, I like it. :) I'd like to incorporate a "pin this" link soon as well, and I want to spruce up my sidebar. I really want to make category pages, but that seems like a daunting task at the moment. 

What do you think of the new design? 
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  1. It looks great :) i love the new colours.

  2. Monica!!!! This looks great! It is so nice when you can customize your blog to feel more like you. I'm off to check out your DIY gallery now. :)


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