Monday, February 4


Lately, life has involved a lot of yarn, a lot of lists, and a lot of daydreaming. If all goes as planned, I'll graduate in December, which is very exciting but also means I have soooo muchhhh homeworkkkk...
*above table makeover can be found here

This weekend I did some organizing around my little apartment. I bought some shelving type things from IKEA for my yarn stash that was taking over the living room, and for my bedroom closet that was being overrun with clothes and shoes. I also put up shelves, rails, and a knife strip in my kitchen to help clear some of the clutter off my counters.

*glitter jar DIY can be found here

One of my goals for the year is to finish my half-finished projects... And wow is my list of half-finished projects longggg.

How was your weekend? Check anything off your to-do list?
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  1. Here's to finishing all your projects! Why is it always so easy to start and so hard to finish? It's why I started my blog... I needed incentive to get things done.

    P.S. Love your yarn storage!


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