Wednesday, March 27

Craft Envy: Easter Pretties

1: Grown Up Easter Basket // 2: Nail Polish Marbled Eggs // 3: Egg Shell Flower Arrangement
4: Washi Tape Bunny Art // 5: Crocheted Easter Eggs // 6: Hollow String Eggs
I don't know about your internet habits, but my browser seems to be filled with Easter-related crafts, eats, and other exciting things. Personally, I am always crafting holiday-related things down the wire, and even after the holiday has passed. I don't know why... Maybe it's my accidental procrastinator gene acting up again. 

1: Wooden Color-Blocked Candle Holder Eggs // 2: Ombre Easter Eggs // 3: Amigurumi Bunny
So between feverishly trying to finish something Easter themed, I took some time gather up inspiring crafts from around the web. Maybe you'll make some of these pretties before Sunday, hmm? :) 
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  1. Great round-up! I really like those crocheted eggs! Hope you get some last minute creating finished.


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