Saturday, March 9

Snapshots: So Much Yarn

Well the crochet craze continues over here, folks. I was under the weather this week, and I kept thinking, "Oh, I should write up some blog posts!" or "Oh, I should work on that painting project I've been dreaming up!" But alas, I kept finding myself curled up on the couch with my crochet hook skeins of yarn...

The bright side is that I've really mastered invisible joins (illustrated really well in Step 3 of this tutorial), and I've gotten really quick at making sea pennies... Don't they look so pretty in the jar above??

All those pretties are for my granny blanket! I finally finished putting second rounds on all my sea pennies... I made a sea penny from every color of Vana's Choice, and then I did a second round in each color. Call it a system. ;)

I've always had weird pangs of guilt over throwing out my yarn scraps, and I was gathering a huge pile while making all these bad boys... So I stuffed them in an empty mason jar! I think it looks kind of pretty... But I may also figure out some craft project to use them in. Any ideas?

How was your week, readers? Make anything? Erin over at Studio 336 is hosting an awesome "Make Something 30 Day Project." Check out her link up & add your recent projects! :)
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  1. Cute, I love granny squares :) You should save the extra yarn and use it to stuff plushies! I make amigurumi but I always seem to be running out of cotton balls to fill them with so I use scraps :)


    1. Mackenzie, that's GENIUS!! I'd love to see some of your amigurumi... Are there any posts on your blog?

  2. Lovely!! Looks like a fun blanket to make!

    Lesley /

  3. Cute little things like this make me wish I could learn to crochet. Then i sit down and try and do it and get way to frustrated and knit something instead :D

    1. That's exactly how I feel about knitting! I've tried plent of times and always give up... But this year, I'm going to learn once and for all! ;)


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