Friday, March 29

Wooden Crochet Easter Eggs + Exciting News!

Good news times two, beautiful people! For one, I managed to finish my Easter craft. I've accepted that I will never hardly ever finish more than one craft project for a holiday, but I'm so happy that I finished these in time -- I've been dreaming about them since my crochet bead project! For another, I am sharing these pretty eggs & the crochet pattern for the blue and pink eggs in my first ever guest post over on ThinkCrafts

I was contacted by ThinkCrafts a few weeks ago about guest posting, and turns out I will actually be a regular contributor to the site starting in April! I'm slated to do two crafty posts a month for the site, and I will admit, I am feeling a bit nervous about actually coming up with quality DIYs on the regular... I'm excited about the challenge and I'm hoping that it will inspire me to actually finish projects more often. Can I get an AMEN from all my crafty sisters out there? ;) 

SO, pretty please check out my little guest post & tutorial over on ThinkCrafts! I just think these eggs turned out so pretty, and they're just complicated enough to give you a real sense of accomplishment upon finishing one. But I promise, they aren't as tricky as they may seem! 

Have you been busy making Easter pretties? Leave a link in the comments -- I'd love to see!
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  1. These are cute!! I, too, did a crocheted Easter egg. They will (hopefully) be on the blog if I can make more!

  2. These are adorable! Congrats on your contributor gig at ThinkCrafts! I'm sure you'll do great and be inspired to finish many projects. I'll go over and check it out now.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I tried to pin this post and your pin it button didn't work correctly. Just said it couldn't find the image. Maybe it's on my end, but I thought I would tell you in case you wanted to check it.

  4. Thanks for the pattern. I love your crocheted covered eggs!

  5. These are gorgeous! I wish I could crochet. I need to get my grandma to teach me :D

    1. Haha, thanks Violet! :) Crocheting isn't nearly as hard as it seems I don't think. The toughest part is just getting used to the yarn in your hand! It's such a fun and relaxing hobby... :)


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