Wednesday, March 13

Craft Envy: String Lights

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**Note: Much to my dismay, I simply could not find the original links for a couple of the above photos. If any of these photos is yours, let me know and I will absolutely give you credit!**

Umm... Does anyone NOT love twinkly string lights? Ever since I had to put my Light-Up Pallet Tree away for the year, I've been longing for a pretty and creative way to bring that warm glow of twinkle lights back into my apartment. I had an idea, but frankly, after seeing all these pretties, my idea seems so lame! Now I want to cover my whole apartment in beautiful string lights. Who needs lamps or task lighting?! NOT ME! ;) 

Are you a fellow string-light-lover? Which of these is your favorite twist on the twinkle light? 
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1 comment:

  1. I like them all, but the third one is absolutely great!


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