Monday, March 4

Lacy Crochet Beads

I am on a crochet craze. I have crochet fever. I CAN'T PUT MY CROCHET HOOK DOWN! I'm kind of an obsessive crafter. Actually, I'm kind of an obsessive person. I get totally consumed by something for a while, and then I'm just...over it. At least for a bit.

Right now, I'm all into crochet. And The Walking Dead. Do you watch this show?? I can't stop watching that either. On the bright side, all the hours I'm spending on my couch staring at Darryl Dixon {mmm...} and flesh-eating zombies is giving me plenty of time to work on my crochet blanket project. Win-win!

I had this idea a while ago, to made crochet beads. But I wanted them to be delicate looking rather than solid crochet work. I snagged these 1" beads at Michaels and played around with the design a bit before landing on this pattern. The beads are actually a little big, but I like how they turned out for the most part.

What do you think of my crochet beads? I'll be sharing the pattern & what I did with them soon! Stay tuned folks. ;) 
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  1. LOVE the beads... can't wait to see what you do with them. I looked at your afghan, too... looks great. Haven't started watching Walking Dead. Have several people in my life that really like to show... maybe I should give it a try!


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