Saturday, February 16

Snapshots ♥

I like Love Day. I was sort of sicky during the day, but dolled myself up for a nice night out with my man. We went to a "hot tub garden," which admittedly sounds like it could be sketchy, but it was actually really nice! You get a private room with a little dressing area and shower. It was fun to do something different, and few things are more relaxing than a nice hot tub soak. Afterward we went to a BBQ place in downtown Ann Arbor and I ate delicious brisket, mmm... This is the first year that we went out for Valentine's; typically we just cook for each other and cozy up on the couch. It was a nice change of pace. :)
Scotty made me a board game! How cute is that?! "The Game of Love"... Maybe I'll do a full post on it a some point, but seriously... How sweet? Love him. ♥

PHOTOS: flowers from Scott // sweet cards ("Nice C*ck" from JulieAnnArt) // crochet heart garland // DIY board game from boyfriend // wooden flower bouquet
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  1. Hi Monica! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog :)

    Those flowers your boyfriend gave you are so pretty. It's also amusing that he MADE you a pretty board game! How sweet. I don't have any guy friend with a crafty muscle in him! Most of the guys I know just cringe when they see my crafts haha. Cheers! :)

  2. So nice to go out on real dates every now and then. It is so easy to get into the ritual of spending time together at home, which is nice too, but mixing things up is so fun!

    Glad you had a lovely Valentines. :)


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