Wednesday, February 27

Seven Goals

Would you believe me if I told you I'd been "planning" this post since the new year? Because, I mean... I realize that it's a little late.

I like lists. I like numbers. I like lists with numbers that seem "significant"... So I wanted to make a list of "13 Goals for 2013." But truth be told, I couldn't think of 13 whole goals. So I just stopped at seven, and still, Scotty has been critiquing my goal "quality." He says that finishing college shouldn't be on my list, but I argue that that is like, an ultimate goal... So WHATEVER BOYFRIEND. ;)
  1. Finish College -- GRADUATING IN DECEMBER!
  2. Finish my half-finished projects -- I have way too many... 
  3. Decorate fully & intentionally -- I've pretty much given up on my current apartment and accepted it for what it is, but when I move this summer, I want to go about decorating in a much more intentional way. 
  4. Learn at least six new skills -- I've got some things in mind that I've been wanting to try for a while, and I'm excited to actually do it. (knitting, anyone?)
  5. Develop a real "line" of products for my Etsy shop -- I make a lot of stuff, but again, I want to increase the intentionality in my product design.
  6. Make {and actually go to} appointments for things -- This one may be a little weird, and in fact it may make you think I'm  a weirdo who must be in some sorry state of being, but I never go to appointments like doctor check-ups, dental cleanings, the chiropractor, hairstylists... I make appointments, and then forget about them. Or I don't have dental insurance, and don't want to shell out a bunch of money to have a hygienist tell me I'm brushing successfully... But regardless, I am long over due for such appointments, and am going to attend them all this year!! 
  7. Improve my health in such a way that I feel comfortable and confident in calling myself a healthy person -- I have spent too much time worrying about numbers on the scale and on my clothing labels, and am ready to just feel better about my health overall. Can I get an amen?!
I think these are pretty accomplishable and relatively simple goals. What are your goals for the year? Or even just a goal for right now? 
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  1. Great list! I've got sewing on my list for this year. I really want to learn knitting one of these days too! Also, I can't wait to see what new goodies you have in store for your shop!

  2. Indeed a great list!

    I guess the second one is my priority!!:)



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