Saturday, February 23

Granny Blanket Work-in-Progress

 After my post about all those beautiful granny square projects out there, I decided to take a good look at my blanket project that I had mentioned. This is all my progress so far. I started this blanket the first time I watched Veronica Mars on Netflix (I've watched the whole series at least twice since then!). I think I had just gotten my tonsils out, or maybe my wisdom teeth. Whichever. Regardless, I haven't worked on it since, save a square or two here and there.

I'm using the "join-as-you-go" method, which is fantastic for two reasons. For one, it means that I won't end up with a giant basket of squares needing to be assembled just when I finally think I'm done. It also means that I get to actually see my progress as I work which makes me feel like I'm really building a blanket piece by piece. 

A week or so ago, boyfriend saw a loose end poking out of one of the square and he CUT IT OFF. Now the square is unraveling, ha! Oops. Silly boyfriend. He is now under strict instructions to keep all scissors away from my yarn. ;) Ever happened to you? 

Obviously it's multicolored, and there really isn't a color scheme. I'm using Vana's Choice by Lion Brand, which used to be practically all I'd crochet with. I love how soft it is, and the slightly muted tones work well together. It's admitedly a lot of color, so I'm not sure how big it can really be without getting overwhelming. Right now, I tend to drape it over chair backs for a pop of color and maybe a little cushioning. I kind of love it. ;) 

What do you think of my tiny "blanket?" Are you working on any big projects right now? I'd love to see! 
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  1. Monica, your granny square blanket looks absolutely fabulous so far. :) The soft colours you chose are beautiful and I'm very much looking forward to what it's going to look like when it's finished, whenever that may be! :)

    I just finished my first granny square blanket in December and am very proud! A week ago I started on a second one, which is going to be a gift for my sister. :) It's a very simple one, not as gorgeous as yours! :)

    1. Jen, thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback. :) This has been like an exercise in color for me; typically I'm much more monochromatic in my designs, mayyyybe I'll use two or three colors, but that's normally it for me!

      I am totally impressed by the fact that you finished a blanket, girl. I tried to make another granny blanket forever ago (like one giant granny square) and ended up turning it into a pillow just so it would be done! I'm sure yours is wonderful!! Is there a post about it on your blog?


    2. Hehe, I'm exactely like you then! I used three colors on my first and only two on the second one. xD I do plan on crocheting another blanket in the future with more than three colors. :)

      I was so happy when I finished the first blanket and I was like "That's it. No more blankets." But look at me now. xD It's addictive! I would love to see that pillow you just mentioned sometime. :D

      Unfortunately there is no post about my finished blanket on my blog yet. But you inspired me to go and take photos of it. I'll upload them to my computer now and make a post about it. :D

      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. The blanket looks absolutely great!
    Love the color choice!


  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It looks so good! You better finish it! It's going to be awesome! LOVE all that color! I love the connect as you go method...cause I just know I'd end up with a basket full of granny squares and then I'd be too overwhelmed to connect them! What pattern do you use for the squares? I'd love to try it!!!!


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