Friday, March 1

Crochet-Along: Danish Heart

My first choice for The Curious Pug's February Crochet-Along was the Danish Heart pattern by Alipyper. I loved the texture, and I thought the pattern was really interesting.Would you believe this bad boy's made out of two ovals?

I actually left the pattern as is for once! But I omitted the hanging strap, because well... I didn't really like it. And I decided to make the two pieces the same color, so that the weaving was more about texture than about contrasting color. Then I skipped the blocking process {because I'm lazy & impatient, heyyy}, and whip stitched around the edges with white yarn.

The heart is hot pink, but I've decided that this yarn color does not photograph well... This is actually the same yarn combination I used for my January crochet-along project {mary-jane slippers}!

What do you think of my danish heart? I'm not sure what I'll do with it exactly, but it was a good technique to learn {splitting an oval using chain stitches}. Check out my other crochet-along project from this month, a crochet cupcake! And take a look at everyone else's projects over in the link-up!
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  1. I just love your color choice!

  2. oh my dear lord that came out ADORABLE!! I tried and failed miserably on this. i love yours!!

  3. Ok, so I am back to tell you that this is super cute, love that you used one single color and the stitching on the edge. I am sure I would have used two different colors I need to think outside the box. Nice weekend!

    1. Claudia, you are too sweet :) And you are talkin' nonsense! I think googly-eyed cupcakes are totally out of the box, AND totally adorable.

      Have a great weekend yourself, miss! ♥♥♥

  4. LOVE your "one-color" choice. Great work!

  5. Your heart is lovely. Its great how you've individualised it by not sticking to the red and white :-)


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